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Mandatory Disclosure - Ending political and bureaucratic conflicts of interest

The voting public cannot make honest informed choices, where clear facts are hidden by stealth, privilege, or under the umbrella of "not being in the public interest - to know".

The public of Britain, France, Germany and many other European states were comprehensively misled by their politicians and bureaucracies, over the scope and extent of "Mad Cow Disease", because those doing the misleading held it was "not in their interest to know". In fact it was not in the politicians or bureaucrats interests to have the public know - so they "covered up" and lied about it instead.

Similarly - it seems "not in the public interest" for peace keepers, aid workers, UN troops and local communities... to know the extent and risks of exposure to depleted uranium weapons. Basically if the decisions of politicians and bureaucrats are going to kill or harm you, it is not in your interest to know!

Mandatory Disclosure

The only way the community and society can make clear choices, is if the full facts pertaining to those choices are in the open for all to know and see. A politician or bureaucrat with shares held - directly or by proxy - in the Wood Chipping Industry, Mining Companies, or Chemical Pesticide manufacture, might be considered a risky proposition by voters with environmental concerns... but those genuine concerns are denied and abridged where acts of "undeclared interests" are hidden by the system.

Those making the rules happily make the public sign statutory declarations and demand full disclosure (under threat of hefty prison terms or fines for non compliance), but apply totally different rules to themselves ... claiming a right to "personal and family privacy". If such a right exists, why is it politicians and bureaucrats routinely seen to deny it to normal people?

If elected, we will present to parliament legislation requiring the complete and comprehensive disclosure of all financial or beneficial interests - not just by politicians and senior bureaucrats themselves - but including family, associates, and agents construed as acting on behalf of, or under influence of, the aforementioned public office holders. This will extend to a full and open register of all parliamentary or career super fund portfolios, plus investments - including cross share holdings.

Most of us must now doing a quarterly Business Activity Statement (BAS) - to keep us honest; so why not require the same of senior bureaucrats and politicians... published quarterly for public knowledge - to keep them honest?

In addition, we favor introducing the US-style public hearings into the suitability of proposed Ministers and senior public servants - before the appointments can be confirmed by the Governor; plus a "bounty" incentive scheme for "whistle blowers"... instead of the current regime that sees such honesty rewarded with career stagnation or destruction.

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WA Inc., the Finance Brokering Scandal, etc, demonstrate you cannot "Keep the bastards honest" - but we can force them to be honest, through quarterly, complete and comprehensive public disclosure.

Ramon Kennedy - Legislative Council candidate, Agricultural Region
Murray Kennedy - Legislative Council candidate, Mining & Pastoral Region


Written & Authorized: R V Finney, Taxi Operators Political Service, PO Box S1484, PERTH 6845